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Busy Bee music lessons for ages 3 - 5 years


Do you love music and kids? The Piano & Guitar Institute provides validated and proven techniques to teach children of all ages how to play the piano and guitar.

We are a unique music lessons school that only teaches Piano & Guitar. Don't worry if you are not proficient at playing piano or guitar, we can help you through this. We will show you how to hire great instructors to educate the students through our time tested proven system.


Proven methodology

After operating for more than 10 years of successfully running a music lessons and recitals business, we have developed a fantastic system that is easily duplicated. The main reason why other music lesson companies fail is they do not know how to run and manage a business. At the Piano & Guitar Institute, we understand this and excel at managing the backend of the business.

Our techniques work

We have taught hundreds of kids the art and science of playing the Guitar and Piano. We know with absolute certainty that our unique blend of proprietary custom developed training books and other proven standards allow for our students to learn and maintain how to play piano and guitar. Ask us how we make this happen, you might be surprised.

This is fun!

The bottom line is that we have a lot of fun running our business. It is hard not to when you are teaching your students how to play the Piano and Guitar and to watch a breakthrough as your students accomplish their goals.
Comprehensive Training & Support- We will provide you with all of the tools, training, and structure to run your business. You will train at our headquarters in Ft. Collins, CO and learn how to run, manage, and grow your Piano & Guitar Institute Franchise.

Our leadership team

When you join the Piano & Guitar Institute Franchise Team you become part of a dynamic, energetic, and driven leadership team. You can feel comfortable in knowing that the co-founders, Dirk and Jen Kraus bring more than 45 years of combined teaching experience and decades of experience in education, leadership, and music education. You can feel comfortable that you will be led by people who bring both educational credentials and real world know-how and experience.

Our work is your reward!

We have complete the curriculum, the structure of a lesson, how a performance is run, the methodology, the strategies, the scheduling, and the forms for the office. We have the lesson plans written out for you to follow. We have the orietation packages and a process for an effective orientation. Everything for your Piano & Guitar Institute to be successful is ready for you! Now it is time for you to open your doors and recruit your students!


We are expanding nationally and looking for passionate franchise partners to join our system. If you have a drive and a love for music, then look no further. Contact us today with any questions you may. Your are welcome to call us at (970) 420-1012, email us at pianoland01@gmail.com or fill out the short form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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